Headwraps for cancer chemotherapy patients. Head wraps for hair loss, chemo & alopecia

hats, turbans, wigs & gifts for cancer chemotherapy patients  


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Oversized 100% Cotton Woodblock Head Scarves
cotton square head scarves for cancer patients

Choose from over 60 different prints and colors! 

Our popular Woodblock printed head scarves have expanded to a full 36" oversized square scarf size, allowing for greater tying versatility.  Make more dramatic bows and tie with greater ease.  Our Woodblock head scarves come with FREE scarf tying instructions. These designs are a Headcovers.com exclusive!  We add new scarf designs several times throughout the year, so check our website frequently.

Price: $15.99

Ultimate Fringe Bangs - Add a Bang
bangs and fringe for hats - adds hair to a hat

A Headcovers.com exclusive! We have listened to our customers' requests and have developed a thinner, more natural looking bang, a perfect compliment to your headwear wardrobe.

Price: $14.99

100% Pure Silk Head Scarves
silk headscarves for women

Our pure silk headscarves drape beautifully.  They are fashioned in an oversized 36 inch square for easy tying on the head.  Our fashionable 100% silk head scarves come with FREE scarf tying instructions.

Price: $16.99

Chiffon Printed Head Scarf
square head scarves for cancer chemotherapy patients

Available in over 50 unique prints!  Our classic chiffon head scarf is featured in a wide variety of beautiful prints, perfect for any occasion.  Fashioned in our popular oversized 35 inch square for easy tying on the head.  These scarves come with FREE scarf tying instructions.

Price: $16.99

30.5" Woodblock Printed Head Scarves - Square Cotton Scarf
cotton head scarves for cancer patients

These 100% cotton woodblock printed head scarves are another Headcovers.com exclusive. Fashioned in the hard to find 30.5 inch square size, perfect for easy scarf tying around the head.

Price: $16.99

100% Cotton Embroidered Tie Dye Head Scarf

Available in several fabulous colorways!

We thought of every detail in this fabulous design.  This scarf features an intricately detailed embroidered design and a tie dyed pattern that is done by hand.  The tie dye pattern was strategically created to allow the lighter colors to frame your face while the darker colors form the tie. 


Price: $16.99

Scarf Pad - Padding For Headwear & Scarves
scarf pad to wear underneath scarves and headwear

Our scarf pad is designed to wear underneath head scarves or headwear to add height and volume, for a more flattering appearance.  It helps to grip your scarf in place and eliminates slippage as you are tying it.  The terry cloth fabric is made of 100% cotton, which absorbs sweat, allowing you to wear your scarves much longer without laundering them. The top of the cap features an air hole for breathability. 

Price: $14.99

Cotton Woodblock Print Scarf and Tote Bag Set with Scrunchie
cotton headscarves for cancer patients

Our 100% woodblock printed head scarf is now available with a coordinating tote handbag. Sport your scarf and tote bag together for a coordinated look. Our versatile tote can be used as a purse or for travel. It is perfect for carrying books, magazines, crafts or knitting supplies during hospital stays or long waits in doctor's offices.

Price: $34.99

100% Cotton Knit Headwrap
headcoverings for cancer patients

A Headcovers.com exclusive! This 100% cotton headwrap offers total head coverage, an updated look, and total comfort! It's like wearing the softest, coolest cotton tee shirt you own, on your head.  Lots of colors.

Price: $12.99

Denim Dana Head Scarf
head scarves - square scarf for cancer chemotherapy

Our 33 inch square head scarf offers a classic denim look.  Our Dana Head Scarf is ultra sheer, light and breathable.  This versatile scarf comes complete with FREE scarf tying instructions! 

Price: $14.99

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