Top 10 Celebrity Wig & Hair Styles for Summer

Changing your hair style is as easy as taking your old wig off and putting a new one on. The world of fashion is fast paced and ever changing, so being able to change your hair style at the drop of hat (or in this case, wig) is a huge benefit. What if a pixie cut is the hottest style for summer and waist length hair is en vogue come autumn? Not a problem. Order your wig and it will arrive in just a few days. There's no need to wait months or even years for your hair to grow out.

As seasons change, new styles become trendy and older cuts go out of style. Now that its summer, you may be looking for a new wig. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which wig to buy? That's when we look to celebs for inspiration! Here are ten of our favorite celebrity haircuts and their corresponding wigs to help keep you on-trend this season!


Long Hair:

Long hair is a beautiful, elegant, and sultry option.


Celebrity: Jennifer Anistan

Wig: Always by Raquel Welch, $150. 30

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Look casual, fun, and professional with this straight, layered style; all of your friends will be jealous!


Celebrity: Kate Middleton

Wig: Adriana by Jon Renau Wigs, $375.36

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Timeless, classic, and elegant, this wig is a ringer for Kate Middleton's signature style. With layers, side bangs, and curls, this wig is sure to make you feel like a princess.


Celebrity: Kim Kardashian 

Wig: Amanda by Jon Renau Wigs, $261.42

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Take a page from Kim Kardashian's book and look sultry and sexy with this long, barely waved wig by Jon Renau.



Bobs and long bobs (or lobs) are the “It” hairstyle this season.


Celebrity: Taylor Swift

Wig: Change by Ellen Wille Wigs, $171.60

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Channel Taylor Swift with this edgy twist on a classic cut. In this choppy bob by Ellen Wille Wigs, you'll never go out of style.


Celebrity: Emma Stone

Wig: Codi by Amore / Rene of Paris Wigs, $191.10

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Complete with trendy curtain bangs, Codi by Rene of Paris will make you look and feel as fashionable and stylish as Emma Stone.


Celebrity: Julianne Hough 

Wig:  Soft and Subtle by Eva Gabor Wigs, $245.65

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This beachy bob is definitely giving off good vibrations! Emulate Julianne Hough's side parted and softly waved cut with Soft and Subtle by Eva Gabor Wigs.


Celebrity: Jennifer Lawrence 

Wig: Cover Shot by Christie Brinkley Wigs, $161.85

[gallery columns="2" ids="5978,5979"]

Cover Shot by Christie Brinkley captures Jennifer Lawrence's simple yet trendy long bob.


Pixie Cuts:

Pixie Cuts are a great option to keep you cool, both literally and figuratively, in the hot summer months.


Celebrity: Anne Hathaway

Wig: Evan by Jon Renau Wigs, $176.80

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Evan by Jon Renau totally captures Anne Hathaway's mod pixie cut. This wig is perfect for all the ladies who love to go vintage!


Celebrity: Ginnifer Goodwin 

Wig: Cutting Edge By Raquel Welch Wigs, $194.65

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Look fiercely fabulous in this piecey pixie cut by Raquel Welch.


Celebrity: Charlize Theron 

Wig: Upscale by Eva Gabor Wigs, $212.50

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Mimic Charlize Theron's short, soft, and whispy cut with Upscale by Eva Gabor.


Which wig is your favorite? Are there any more celeb wig styles you want to see? Let us know in the comments below!