Ideas for Creative Mother’s Day Celebrations at The Hospital

Being in the hospital on Mother’s Day can be very difficult, whether you are a mother staying at the hospital with a sick child, a new mom who gave birth to a preemie, or a mom who underwent breast cancer surgery. Families often don’t know what to do to help cheer up a loved one who is in the hospital on what is supposed to be a day of celebration. Missing out on festivities coupled with feeling ill can lead to mom feeling blue, but there are things you can do to lift her spirits. Keep in mind you’ll have to check with the hospital on restrictions before planning a celebration.


Mother's Day Celebration Ideas


Stop by with a homemade meal, plastic champagne glasses, and a bottle of sparkling cider. You could even bring a little picnic basket, checkered tablecloth, or blanket and set up a picnic in her room. If mom is up to it and the weather is nice, perhaps the hospital has a courtyard where you can sit and enjoy some special moments celebrating, without even leaving the hospital.


Pamper Her:

Therapeutic skin care products make lovely gifts for both new moms and women recovering from breast cancer surgery. While all moms deserve a little pampering TLC, moms in the hospital will really appreciate products made for delicate skin – an especially soothing way to brighten her day. If you want to go the extra mile, create a makeup gift basket with several other products such as lip care, soothing eye pads, or mild conditioning shampoo.


Cuddle Her

Comfy, soft nightgowns or robes are a comforting way to say you care. Most moms feel pretty bedraggled after surgery or childbirth and dressing gowns bring a little glamour back. A soft floral robe or gown can lift her spirits amid bed pans and institutional hospital garb. Throw blankets come in beautiful plush fabrics and patterns – another good way to bring a little upbeat color and comfort to a hospital bed and mom.


Inspire Her

If mom is a crafty type, adult coloring books are all the rage and a fun way to pass the time. It’s a wise idea to opt for washable magic markers rather than permanent ones to avoid problems. Or you could always go with a box of colorful crayons to make her feel like a kid again!


Uplift Her

Mom may have favorite music or loves listening to a particular radio station. Although hospitals have televisions, they don’t always have radios. While she may not be up to watching television, listening to music has been proven to be therapeutic. Bring a portable CD player and/or radio with a few of her favorite CDs. Music is a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day and will continue to lift her spirits after all the visitors leave.


Soothe Her

Perhaps your mom is back in the hospital after undergoing chemo and her scalp is sensitive. Soft sleep caps are super comforting and make perfect gifts for cancer patients. Even if it is warm outside, hospital rooms can be quite cold and a cap will keep her cozy, as well as remind her how much you love her.


If mom is just recovering, keep your visits short and sweet. Let her guide the conversations. She may want to talk about her illness or rather chat about all the everyday activities you may take for granted but she is missing out on. With a little planning and thoughtfulness, Mother’s Day in the hospital can still be a time to celebrate the special mom in your life!



What are your ideas for celebrating Mother's Day in the hospital? Please share below.