Top Eyebrow Trends of 2019

Now that 2019 is coming to a close, there are a lot of things to look back at and reflect on. One brow-raising thing to look at from the year past: eyebrow trends. This year brought us some interesting eyebrow looks, some new and some tried-and-true. Take a look at our 5 favorite eyebrow trends from 2019!

The Golden Rule of Eyebrows - An Everlasting Trend

The Family Tree of Brows: Sisters, Not Twins

Creating symmetry can be nearly impossible, especially when it comes to your eyebrows. Many of us have fallen into the trap of over-shaping one eyebrow, then having to compensate by plucking (nay, over-plucking) the other eyebrow. Then, BAM: Little to no eyebrows. This is why the holy grail of eyebrow trends should always be the tried and true saying of “Your brows are sisters, not twins.” Not only does this simple phrase keep your unsuspecting brows safe from the dreaded tweezers, slight differences in brows add more character and are usually unnoticeable.

Trends Sliding From 2018 to 2019

Trend 1: Microblading: Not Going Anywhere

The technique of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing is not as new as you may think. While Microblading has gained abundant fame within the past couple years, it may surprise you to learn this practice has existed for at least 25 years under various names.

Microblading has significantly improved over the year to create totally realistic eyebrows. For example, older techniques advised adding “x” shaped hairs to mimic the look of crossed brow hairs; microblading now uses feather light strokes to mimic eyebrow hair with the hairs almost never crossing. Click here to learn more about eyebrow microblading.

If recent history tells us anything, the future of Microblading is still looking bright into 2020.

Bold and Beautiful

Gone are the ultra-thin brows of the 90’s and early 2000’s - It’s all about being bold, baby. This past year we’ve seen a rise in sporting thick, groomed brows. Use a brow pomade to create this dramatic, full, and fluffy look.

Newest Trends

Au Naturel

According to several beauty sources, many people are embracing a more organic style. The down-to-earth, natural brow look is gaining more traction in the fashion world. This look is soft and relaxed. It can be achieved using minimal makeup, such as an eyebrow powder. As everyone’s natural eyebrows are different, it all depends on what you feel looks best on you or gives you that boost of confidence to get you through the day.

The Year of the Colored Brow

It’s not uncommon to walk down the road and see multi-colored hairdos everywhere. Pinks, blues, greens, or even locks with rainbow hues are totally in right now. This makes the transition to colored eyebrows seem all the more natural. People are using various make-ups including eyeshadow, gel liner, pencil liners, lip liners, or products specifically meant to color in eyebrows in differing colors. Bold and chic, your brows can now be used as a fashion statement to draw attention to the upper portion of your face, especially your eyes.

The Easy Brows

Some people grow tired of trying to maintain the perfect eyebrows and take matters into their own hands by waxing or shaving them off. This creates ton of options, including make-up, temporary tattoos, and glue-on human hair eyebrow wigs. The amount of people turning to this method has definitely increased over time due to the ease of feeling more in control of your brow shape and color.

As previously stated, eyebrow trends are always evolving. What’s considered a fashion faux pas today could be viewed as a total must-have tomorrow. Have you tried any of these styles? Did you love it or hate it? Tell us in the comments below!