Why Do We Raise Our Eyebrows?

If eyes are the window to the soul, what are your eyebrows? Why do we raise our eyebrows? Why do they matter?

We all know that the appearance of our eyebrows can have a huge impact on the way we look, but they actually have an even bigger purpose. You may be surprised to learn just how much emotion and information we convey with our eyebrows. In fact, one of the main reasons that humans evolved to have refined eyebrows was to aid in nonverbal communication. For the most part, the social ques we give with our brows are intuitive and universally accepted; even babies use their eyebrows to communicate!

Babies use their eyebrows to communicate

Take a look at what your eyebrows are saying to others:


Raised Eyebrows

Why do we raise our eyebrows?

Raised brows can signify you're feeling surprised, playful, or even incredulous. Talking to someone and thinking "Is this person serious?!" will usually translate to raising your brows in amused skepticism. This expression may also reveal itself when you're attracted to someone—good-looking person + raised brows = one cheeky look!


Furrowed Brows

Why do we furrow our eyebrows?

Stuck in traffic? Trying to work through a complicated problem? When dealing with these situations, chances are your brows are furrowed. A furrowed brow indicates frustration, distaste, or occurs when deep in concentration. Take a breath and try to relax your forehead—9 times out of 10 this will help ease your stress levels!


Center-Upturned Eyebrows

How eyebrows look when someone is anxious

Strangely enough, this expression can play on opposite ends of the anxiety/relief spectrum. While the look may be similar when feeling both emotions, there are notable differences. When feeling anxious, the muscles tense more at the bridge of your nose giving more of a strained feel where your middle brow rises. Relief offers a more relaxed feeling at the bridge of your nose and your middle brow may even rise a bit higher due to the lack of tension.


Center-Downturned Brows

How our eyebrows look when we are upset

You might be sporting this look if you're feeling upset, aggressive, or sad. Those around you know this expression means "Give me space" or "STEER CLEAR".


The Infamous One Eyebrow Raise

Why do we raise one eyebrow?

Can you raise one eyebrow? If you can, you're among a select (and very lucky!) few. This sassy expression implies you're skeptical, displeased, or just maybe trying to impress someone.

Keep in mind besides reflecting your emotions, your eyebrows can generate a sense of trust/distrust in others. For example, a softer, more relaxed facial expression conveys a more trustworthy feeling.


Nonverbal Communication at Its Finest

Real talk: Did you find yourself mimicking the these expressions? We totally know you were.

Next time you're checking someone out, concentrating, or lol'ing at a hilarious joke, think about what your face is conveying to others.

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