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Stylista by Eva Gabor Wigs

Item NumberHP-70038

Stylista by Eva Gabor Wigs

Item NumberHP-70038

Available Colors (mouse over image to enlarge)

  •   wig in GL23-101 Sunkissed Beige
  •   wig in GL2-6 Black Coffee
  •   wig in GL4-8 Dark Chocolate
  •   wig in GL6-30 Mahogony
  •   wig in GL8-10 Dark Chestnut
  •   wig in GL8-29 Hazelnut
  •   wig in GL10-12 Sunlit Chestnut
  •   wig in GL10-14 Walnut
  •   wig in GL11-25 Honey Pecan
  •   wig in GL12-14 Mocha
  •   wig in GL12-16 Golden Walnut
  •   wig in GL14-16 Honey Toast
  •   wig in GL14-22 Sandy Blonde
  •   wig in GL15-26 Buttered Toast
  •   wig in GL16-27 Buttered Biscuit
  •   wig in GL18-23 Toasted Pecan
  •   wig in GL27-29 Chocolate Caramel
  •   wig in GL29-31 Rusty Auburn
  •   wig in GL30-32 Dark Copper
  •   wig in GL33-130 Sangria
  •   wig in GL38-48 Sugared Smoked
  •   wig in GL44-51 Sugared Charcoal
  •   wig in GL51-56 Sugared Pewter
  •   wig in GL56-60 Sugared Silver
  •   wig in GL60-101 Silvery Moon
Retail: $130.00
Our Price: $110.50

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Retail: $130.00
Our Price: $110.50
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The textured bob makes a comeback! Stylista by Eva Gabor Wigs features a layered look that has a tapered back with loose shattered lengths throughout, allowing for smooth or voluminous styling options in the crown and sides. This look is stylish and chic with a bit of an edge!
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Hair Type: Synthetic

Cap Size: Average

Approx Lengths:

-Front: 4 1/2"

-Crown: 5"

-Sides: 6"

-Back: 5 1/2"

-Nape: 3 1/4"

Color Shown: GL14-22

Suitable for Oval, Round, Diamond, Heart and Oblong face shapes.