What Is a Half Wig?

We know that sometimes in hair world, not everything is as it seems. When you first start shopping for wigs, you'll probably come across complex-sounding terms (like "monofilament") that may leave you feeling confused.  A half wig, however, is exactly what it sounds like: a wig that only covers part of the head.

The term "half wig" is a blanket expression that covers a variety of partial wigs. Half wigs may be any of the following: 

  • True half wigs, half head wigs, and 3/4 (three quarter) wigs, which are hairpieces with wig caps that cover up the back of the head and hair, allowing the front of your own hair to be visible. They sometimes have a headband at the front to disguise the transition between the wig and natural hair.
  • Toppers, which are worn at the top of the head. 
  • Wiglets, which are specifically designed to cover up hair loss. 
  • Extensions, which are attached between layers of hair.
  • Accessory hair, such as ponytails and clip-in bangs.
  • Hats with hair, which feature hair attached to an open top. They must be worn under a hat, scarf, or other headcovers. 

Types of Half Wigs

Pictured: Hannah Headband Bob Wig by Cardani; Lace Front Mono Topper Volume 6 by Belle Tress Wigs; 16" Hair Extension by Hairdo Wigs; Provocative by Jon Renau Wigs Clip On Ponytail; Classic Bob Hair Halo by Cardani Wigs



Why Wear a Half Wig? 

Why Wear a Half Wig - Milan by Noriko Wigs

Most people can wear a half wig. There are several reasons why someone would choose to wear this type of hairpiece: 

  • To add length. Many half wigs (especially extensions) add a significant amount of length to the hair in an instant. 
  • To add volume. Half wigs, and particularly toppers, are great for adding some extra volume to create a flattering look. 
  • To create more intricate hairstyles. Accessory hair, extensions, and even toppers add more hair to the head and allow you to create more complicated, elegant, and voluminous hairstyles. 
  • To disguise hair loss. Many women purchase toppers and wiglets to hide partial hair loss on top of the head. Hats with hair paired with a cap can actually cover up total hair loss. 




How to Choose a Half Wig

How to Choose a Half Wig - Easipart by Jon Renau

Although the definition of a half wig is simple, selecting the right one is a bit more complex. With so many different types of half wigs available, it can be hard to know which type is right for you. To figure out which type of half wig you should buy, think about why you want a half wig.

If you want to add volume and length, try extensions, accessory hair, or a topperThe type of half wig you choose depends on the look you wish to create.

If you have partial hair loss, you will need a topper or wiglet. To select the right topper, you must first determine where you are losing hair, and how much hair you have lost. To learn more about how to select the right topper, click here. 

If you have total hair loss or severe partial hair loss, choose a hat with hair or a full wigIf there is not enough hair present to secure a partial hair piece, then a hat with hair is a good option. They are comfortable, breathable, realistic, and affordable. You may also try a full wig or other headcovers to conceal hair loss. 





Things to Consider When Shopping for Half Wigs

How to buy a half wig - Belle Tress Topper

A big  thing you must consider when shopping for a half wig is the color and texture of the hair. 

When purchasing a half wig, you must be extra careful when selecting the color. It is important to select a color that closely resembles your own hair color so that the half wig will blend beautifully with your natural hair. If you have a wiglet in mind and need help selecting a wig color, our wig experts can help you choose the right shade for you. Click here to learn more about selecting wig colors.

Half wigs are generally available in heat friendly synthetic hair and human hair varieties. This is a huge bonus, because it means you can curl, straighten, and style these hairpieces to match your own hair texture. Standard synthetic hair, however, cannot be styled with heat. If you decide to buy a half wig made from standard synthetic hair, make sure to choose one that matches your own hair texture. For example, if you have straight hair, then you should choose a half wig that has straight hair as well.




What’s the Best Way to Attach a Half Wig?

How to Put On a Half Wig - Ellen Wille Topper

Different types of half wigs attach to the head in different ways. Many types of half wigs have pressure sensitive clips that attach to your own hair near the root, or combs that slide into the hair. Putting in your half wig may be challenging at first, but it will become a simple and easy process once you get the hang of it. 

After you attach your half wig to your head, blend the hair from the wig and your natural hair by tousling the hair together, curling pieces together with a curling iron, or straightening the hair together. (Note, if your hairpiece is made from standard synthetic hair, it is not safe to use heat on it.)




Whether you want to add length and volume, create an intricate updo for a party, or conceal hair loss, a half wig is a great option. Shop our full selection of half wigs and hairpieces here.


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