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  1. Soft & Cozy Solid Ruana | Wrap for Women
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    Soft & Cozy Solid Ruana | Wrap for Women
    Retail $72.00 Our Price $39.99
  2. Classic Plaid Blanket Scarf & Wrap
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    Classic Plaid Blanket Scarf & Wrap
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  3. Ruffle Ruana Wrap
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    Ruffle Ruana Wrap
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  4. Boho Fringe Wrap
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    Boho Fringe Wrap
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The word kimono derives from the words ki (wear) and mono (thing). Kimonos are steeped in rich history and tradition in Japan, going all the way back to the 8th century. The traditional kimono was fashioned in a wide array of beautiful colors, patterns, and fabrics, reflecting the exquisite elegance of Japanese culture and design. Over time, the kimono evolved into a three-dimensional work of art, a stunning canvas as integral to a woman’s persona as her own physical beauty. Up until the late 19th century, every time a kimono was washed, it was disassembled into seven basic parts, air dried, and then re-stitched back together. No worries -- our selection of kimonos are elegant, but also significantly more comfortable and carefree.

Our pretty kimonos are either machine washable or hand washable in cold water. Modern kimonos are made of light, breathable, flowing fabrics, making them ideal choices for women with sensitive skin. You can dress them up or dress them down, layer them with bamboo shirts and pants, or wear them as a poolside cover up. And for cold weather, there’s nothing cozier than our wool blend cozy cocoon cardigan wrap. This is a modern take on the traditional ruana wrap, a type of soft wool poncho worn in the Andes region of South America. With its flowing relaxed fit and bell-flared sleeves, this beautiful wrap is ideal for indoor or outdoor wear, travel, and visits to the hospital or doctor’s office.