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Silky, sumptuous bamboo is super soft, comforting, and soothing for bald or sensitive scalps. This eco-friendly fabric is naturally porous, meaning it absorbs moisture better than other fabrics and dries quickly. Moisture is instantly wicked away from the scalp, so bamboo doesn’t have the potential to irritate sensitive or allergy-prone skin like some fabrics. Due to its natural antibacterial properties, headwear and apparel made of bamboo stays fresh longer. Bamboo hats and caps keep your head cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This soft, natural fabric is an ideal choice for cancer patients undergoing chemo, and for those with hair loss caused by alopecia or other medical conditions. Our carefully curated collection of bamboo headwear includes so many pretty styles, colors and patterns at affordable prices, you’ll be tempted to buy more than one. Once you wear bamboo, you’ll discover why so many people select this practical, yet luxurious material for its beauty and ultimate comfort!

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Bamboo Hats Made of Viscose

Silky smooth headcoverings with antibacterial properties that cool and soothe while they protect — does that sound too good to be true? Think again. Our bamboo hats made from viscose offer the ultimate luxury experience for individuals dealing with hair loss. Whether you’re searching for an easy slip-on style, a bamboo chemo cap, or a funky newsboy hat, we have dozens of soft hat styles that you may never want to take off.


What does “viscose made from bamboo” mean?

At Headcovers, we’ll always be straightforward about our products. The fabric our bamboo hats is constructed out of is called viscose, which is a textile made from cellulose, a substance taken from the cell walls of plants. In this case, the cellulose in our viscose comes from the bamboo plant.


What are the benefits of bamboo hats made from viscose?

We’ve already waxed the wonders of bamboo’s smooth-to-the-touch quality — almost like a silk hat — but here’s what we haven’t revealed yet:

  • Breathable. The fabric’s thin weave and natural fibers allow air to move in and out, so your head won’t get hot or sweaty (that’s why we recommend bamboo over polyester).
  • Static-free. Viscose fabric made from bamboo can’t hold an electric charge, so it won’t get static-y.
  • No pilling. The fibers are strong and resistant to abrasion, so your bamboo hat made from viscose won’t pill over time.


Guide to Our Bamboo Hats Made from Viscose

We have a wide range of soft hat styles for sale. Here’s a sampling of our favorites:


  • Beanies: These beanies are far different from what you see at your neighborhood skate park. Our bamboo beanies made of viscose blend minimalist design with elegant style and thoughtful construction to deliver everyday favorites you won’t have to think twice about throwing on.

Top picks: Cardani Synergy Hat and Couture Cap


  • Turbans: Our bamboo turbans made from viscose are famous for being sophisticated and versatile all at once. They’re fully lined, with no scratchy interior seams, to provide the ultimate comfort.

Top picks: Cardani Mod Slouchy Snood Turban and Sophisticate Turban by Cardani


  • Pre-tied Scarves: Get the appearance of a complicated knot-and-twist without the hassle. Pre-tied scarves slip on as easily as beanies, with gathers at the back that provide a flattering fullness.

Top picks: Easy On Pre Tied Head Scarf and Bamboo Slip On Scarf


  • Sleep caps: We know itchy scalps, which means we know how uncomfortable it can be just trying to catch a wink of sleep if you’re dealing with hair loss from cancer or another illness. These bamboo from sleep caps are free of internal seams or tags and cool to the touch thanks to the porous properties of bamboo. These sleep caps can also double as bamboo chemo caps made from viscose.

Top picks: Cardani Feather Lite Sleep Cap and Lace Sleep Cap


  • Newsboy Caps: Sporty and fun, our bamboo newsboy hats made of viscose are built with gathers, folds and pleats that add volume to the head. These soft hats look amazing with your favorite pair of jeans.

Top picks: Florette Newsboy Hat and Cardani Slouchy Newsboy Hat



How do I Care for a Bamboo Hat Made from Viscose?


Most bamboo hats made from viscose can be machine-washed on the delicate cycle or hand washed. Still, always check the care label just to be sure, as some of these soft hat styles with adornments could be damaged in a machine.


We recommend laying the hat flat and allowing it to air dry. While you might be able to get away with running it through the cool cycle in a drying machine, we know that some dryers are more reliable than others when it comes to maintaining the right temperature. With hats this silky soft, it’s better safe than shrunken.