Sleeping Hats & Caps

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No more counting sheep. Restful sleeping is what our sleep caps are all about. We have been designing sleeping caps for over 20 years. Our night caps are designed with consideration to full head coverage and warmth while minimizing those irritating seams. We reduce the bulk in the cap to create a low profile perfect for laying on. These sleep caps are so stylish you can take the comfort of home with you. Wear your sleeping cap everywhere and all day long. We offer a large selection of stylish sleep hats that are versatile enough to be used for activities other than sleeping. Soft, light and warm, these caps are made to keep your head warm and keep in body heat while you slumber. For women, we offer feminine styles with dainty touches such as flowers or lace to make you feel not only comfortable, but beautiful as well. Styles like our Elf Night Caps (Scrooge Sleep Caps) make your night wear not only fun, but functional at the same time. While functionality is key with a sleep cap, we aim to make your nighttime look as stylish as possible.
Items Per Page 20 | 28 | 36 | 48

Sleep Caps and Hair Loss

One unexpected result of hair loss is that much of your body heat is lost through the head. Without the additional insulation of hair, it can get cold at night. For this reason, the first hat we recommend to our cancer patients is a sleep cap. Our comfortable sleep hats are not only soft, comfortable and warm, they are also attractive. Wear them with your favorite pajamas or for lounging around the house. For cancer patients, our sleep hats are ideal for hospital stays and chemo treatments. Like your favorite slippers, these comfy night caps will be your go-to hat for sleeping, casual outings and of course a long winter's nap.

Can I Sleep in a Regular Hat?

Our sleep caps are designed specifically to provide comfort while sleeping. They are made of soft fabrics without irritating seams or abrasive textures. They are smooth on the head to eliminate bumps under your head while you sleep. Several of our daywear designs that are not made specifically for sleeping often fall into the sleep cap category because of how soft and comfortable they have been designed to be.