Silk Head Scarves

Silk scarves are the ultimate in luxury for the woman who demands only the best. Our silk head scarves are breathable and durable. They drape beautifully and feel soft on the head- especially great for those with sensitive scalps due to hair loss from cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, or other hair loss conditions. Silk bows, when tied, are especially beautiful. Our silk head scarves are not limited to use as a head covering. Our silk scarves can be worn around the neck, as a swim cover up, as a blouse, as a skirt and so much more! Because silk is a natural fiber, it can be worn in all seasons.. We encourage you to try one of our silk scarves today. Our silk head scarves are made of premium silk, making them especially durable, long lasting and comfortable. We promise you won't be disappointed!
Our silk headscarves are some of the most breathable and durable silk scarves you can find. With a soft and luxurious feel, this fabric drapes beautifully over the head and is easy to tie. Because of its natural fibers, silk breathes and absorbs perspiration at the same time. Our lightweight silk scarves can be worn in all seasons with or without scarf padding depending on personal preference. Silk must be handled with care, but when tied correctly, can make for the most beautiful of headscarves