A silk head scarf is the superhero accessory you can’t live without. The powerful fibers of this ancient fabric work to lock in moisture, soothing whatever surface they’re wrapped around. For cancer patients, they offer smooth, breathable protection. For women with hair, they serve to reduce frizz and prevent breakage and split ends, whether worn for sleeping or hitting the town. On its days off from hair duty, tie the scarf around your neck for the ultimate chic accoutrement.

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Silk Head Scarves for Women from Headcovers

In the world of luxury fashion, nothing is more iconic than the silk scarf. It’s an icon of good taste and elegant style, but unlike a lot of popular fashion pieces, silk scarves actually feel just as wonderful to wear as they are to look at. Whether you’re a cancer patient shopping for head coverage options, or are just in the market for something fabulous, a silk scarf from Headcovers is incredibly versatile, capable of elevating your wardrobe with just one knot.


How to Tie a Head Scarf

If you’re looking to purchase a silk scarf for head coverage purposes, you may be wondering how to secure it to your head. While there’s a bit of a learning curve for getting it right, we’ve got step-by-step instructions on our How To Tie a Head Scarf page. Our beautifully illustrated infographic will walk you through how to tie five popular head scarf looks, including Classic, Bandana, Twisted Crown, Longtail Bow, and The Rosette. Learn about the difference between square head scarves and rectangular head scarves. We’ve even got a video tutorial to keep you company while you’re figuring it out.



Silk Head Scarves for Sleeping  

The benefits of silk head scarves for sleeping are equally impactful for women experiencing hair loss and women who’ve still got their hair. We know that chemo patients especially can suffer from scalps that are painful to the touch. If you’re dealing with bald spots or a sensitive, exposed scalp, a silk head scarf can provide a layer of cool, ventilated protection throughout the night. If you do have hair, the element of protection is just as important - strands of hair take a beating when tossed around on the pillow while you dream, causing split ends, frizz, and breakage. Wrapping it all up in the cozy confines of silk will keep strands safe throughout the night.


How to Keep Your Silk Head Scarf in Place 

If you’re hoping to wear your silk scarf around your head, you might notice that it can get a bit slippery (especially if you’re not working with much hair up there!). We’ve got a couple of life hacks that can help make slipping scarves a problem of the past. The Bamboo Padded Headband is a favorite because it packs two punches - the padded headband provides the appearance of volume, while the fabric’s friction works to prevent your headscarf from sliding around. We also love the Scarf Gripper Headband for Scarves and Bangs, which works in a similar way to keep your head wear in place. Just slide it on to cover your ears, and style your head scarf right on top, like you normally would. Said one happy customer, “it is lightweight, and I forget it’s there!”


Silk Head Scarves for Natural Hair

The properties of silk make it an idea choice for natural hair, because it acts as a smoothing agent and helps your hair maintain moisture (pro tip - tuck your hair into a silk head scarf under a winter hat! Those winter winds won’t stand a chance). Try brushing your hair from root to tip before you wrap it up. This will distribute your hair’s natural oils and help the strands get stronger – and shinier. Whether you’re hoping for a cheerful pattern to rock for a special occasion or basic colors to staple your wardrobe, your natural hair will love you for treating it to a silk head scarf from Headcovers.

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