32 Best Breast Cancer Tattoos to Inspire You

Every tattoo has a story to tell. The most brilliant tattoos are those created with purpose—the tattoos that show a person's passion. This is where breast cancer tattoos come into the picture. 

The amount of people choosing to depict their journey, a loved ones journey, or just show support for a cause is phenomenal. The best part is no breast cancer tattoo is the same. Tattoos already give individuals a chance to express themselves, and the meaning helps take the design to a whole other level. 

What is a breast cancer tattoo?

You might want a breast cancer survivor tattoo, or a tattoo to show support for a loved one with breast cancer. Whatever the case, breast cancer tattoos often incorporate the pink ribbon. They often also incorporate meaningful symbols. Some of the common symbols used in breast cancer tattoos are:

  • Butterflies: Symbolize hope, as well our souls and rebirth. 
  • Birds: Different birds represent different things, but birds in general represent freedom, life, and peace.
  • Flowers and Plants: Once again, different types of flowers can symbolize a wide range of meanings, but all flowers and plants can be used to represent growth and creation.
  • Dragonflies: Symbolize transformation and light.
  • Boxing Gloves: Represent the fight that those affected by cancer have faced.
  • Crosses and Religious Symbols: Represent faith in God.

Symbols and imagery that have a more personal meaning are also very common in breast cancer tattoos.

Here’s a look at some beautiful and meaningful breast cancer tattoos:

Bird Freed from Cage Breast Cancer Tattoo by En su tinta Estudio

The symbolism behind this tattoo is immense, depicting freedom from breast cancer. A bird is let out of a cage adorned with the pink breast cancer ribbon. This beautiful tattoo combines watercolor technique with linework to create a unique piece.

 See more on Instagram: @ensutintaestudio

Dragonfly on Pink Ribbon Path by Unknown Artist

This stunning tattoo gives a more subtle approach to the pink ribbon tattoo, incorporating this meaningful symbol in a creative and innovative way. The cute and colorful dragonfly represents the transformation those affected by breast cancer encounter.

Cross Stitch Pink Ribbon by Frontier Tattoo Studio

A stunning and personal way to pay tribute to a loved on is to incorporate a part of them into your tattoo. This tattoo shows a classic cross stitch pattern, complete with color changes and needle. 

See more on Instagram: @frontier_tattoo_studio

Pink Ribbon and Bee Tattoo by Krista Reid

Probably one of the most adorable tattoos we came across, the little bee zipping through a pink ribbon is listed as “a little boo ‘bee’”.

 See more on Instagram: @kreidtattoo

Pink Ribbon with Mom Heart Tattoo by Rick Sanchez

We love both the smooth look and heart shape created with the pink ribbon. Mom written out on the opposite side of the heart is simply brilliant!

 See more on Instagram: @ricksancheztattoo

Hummingbird with Flowers by Casey Meservey

We’ve seen more and more watercolor tattoos lately, each more brilliant than the last. With this tattoo, much of the focus rests on the hummingbird and flowers, however, you can plainly see the highly detailed pink ribbon beautifully incorporated in.

 See more on Instagram: @casey_joe_tattoo

3D Pink Ribbon with Sunflower Sketch Tattoo by Sick Karolain Tattoo

A vibrant pink ribbon set both in front of and behind a sketch of two sunflowers. 

 See more on Instagram: @sikkarolain_tattoo

Watercolor Flower Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Tattoo by Louise Flynn

Another stunning watercolor tattoo, this one shows a wispy style cancer ribbon with flowers can leaves appearing to sprout below it. A beautiful piece by Louise Flynn.

 See more on Instagram: @louiseflynnart

I'm Here Breast Cancer Tattoo by Kim Chu Ink

This lovely tattoo features the words "I'm here" in a beautiful calligraphic writing. The "I" is replaced by a soft and subtle pink ribbon.

 See more on Instagram: @kimchuink

Compass and Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Tattoo by Kandor Art Tattoo


This tattoo features a pink ribbon behind a compass and anchor, giving a hand-painted look. 

 See more on Instagram: @kandorarttattoo

Hyper-Realistic Pink Ribbon Tattoo by Thomas Light

This pink ribbon tattoo is ultra realistic, full of delicate details, and overall truly breathtaking. 

 See more on Instagram: @thomaswaynelight

Bow and Arrow Breast Cancer Tattoo by Kandi Land Tattooing

This adorable tattoo features an arrows to hightlight the fight against breast cancer, as well as a pink ribbon. It also includes flowers and a small heart to show love, hope, and growth.

 See more on Instagram: @kandilandtattooing

Traditional Boxing Glove Breast Cancer Tattoo by Buzz Tattoo

This traditional style breast cancer tattoo has it all: boxing gloves to show strength, a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness, a butterfly to symbolize hope, and flowers to communicate love and softness.

Cherry Blossom Pink Ribbon Tattoo by Deefrost Design & Tattoo

Cherry blossoms represent the renewal of spring, love, and good luck, which makes them the perfect flower to incorporate into a breast cancer tattoo. We love the organic feeling of this beautiful tattoo.

See more on Instagram: @deefrost_design

Feather and Bird Pink Ribbon Tattoo by Sara Louise

In this tattoo, a lovely feather turns into birds in flight and completes a pink ribbon. This tattoo conveys freedom, hope, and comradery in a beautiful way. This is a great breast cancer tattoo for yourself, a mom, and any other loved one.

 See more on Instagram: @sara_louise_artist

Inset Pink Ribbon Tattoo by Jesse of Heart and Soul Tattoo Company

This unique breast cancer tattoo feature different imagery—including hearts, flowers, a peaceful dove, and the word "hope"—inset on a pink ribbon. It is packed with symbolism and love.

 See more on Instagram: @heart_and_soul_tattoo_company

Pink Ribbon Heart Tattoo by Derik at Ink Famous Tattoo

A pink ribbon completes one half of a heart to create a sweet, small breast cancer tattoo. A name is printed inside the heart, but any special word or short quote could be inserted instead.

 See more on Instagram: @dphamtats

Floral Bouquet with Pink Ribbon Tattoo by Earl Nixon

Realistic flowers are intertwined with a flowing pink ribbon, while the word "Hope" is printed underneath to clearly convey its beautiful message and meaning.

 See more on Instagram: @earlnixon

Your Battle is My Battle Tattoo by Malaria Ilaria

Comradery finds a home here with the beautifully depicted pink ribbon and statement of “your battle is my battle”. 

 See more on Instagram: @malaria_tattoo

Watercolor Lily and Orchid Bouquet Tied with Pink Ribbon by Marjolein Evens

Soft and colorful, the lilies in this tattoo represent rebirth, while the orchids symbolize strenth. The pink ribbon is more subtle in this breast cancer tattoo, drawn with soft linework and light watercolor detail.

 See more on Instagram: @mariink.tattoos

Woman Growing into Cherry Blossom Tree by Lara Wings

Different from most breast cancer tattoos, this tattoo features a woman as the trunk of a cherry blossom tree. This incredible tattoo conveys the beauty of growth, transformation, rebirth, and life.

 See more on Instagram: @wingstattoo

Black and White Roses with Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Tattoo by Rubén Sánchez

Like many other flowers, roses can symbolize life and rebirth—plus they are a very popular, very beautiful flower! The pink ribbon is tied into the black and white roses beautifully to create a stunning piece.

 See more on Instagram: @el.inmigrante.tattoo

Pink Ribbon Wonder Woman Breast Cancer Tattoo by Austin Pyle

All women who battle breast cancer are warriors and heros! What better way to show that than a wonder woman pink ribbon tattoo? The pink ribbon rests on top of the "W", tying in perfectly with this hero's symbol.

 See more on Instagram: @wardogtattoo

Puppy with Pink Ribbon Collar Tattoo by Gabe Gonzalez

Have a special dog in your life? Just love puppies in general? Then this tattoo is perfect for you! Get a tattoo of your favorite dog sporting a pink ribbon.

 See more on Instagram: @southbayfinest_gabe

Resilience with Lotus Flower Breast Cancer Tattoo by Julia Bonomo

What better word to describe breast cancer survivors than "resilient"? This cursive tattoo features a pink ribbon "l" and a lotus flower, representing enlightenment and rebirth.

 See more on Instagram: @jubixpix

Small Twisted Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Tattoo by Evita Lopez

This small breast cancer tattoo simply features a twisted pink ribbon and a date. It is just the thing for ladies who want a minimalistic tattoo.

 See more on Instagram: @evitalopeztattoo

Fighter Breast Cancer Tattoo by Heather Venable

This lovely tattoo is straight-forward and simple, making it perfect for anyone who wants a small breast cancer tattoo. It features a traditional tattoo look for a timeless look.

 See more on Instagram: @tattoosbyheathervenable

Colorful Sunflowers Pink Ribbon Tattoo by Trap Ink Tattoos

Sunflowers represent unconditional love, making a tattoo like this super meaningful if a loved one has breast cancer. It is also a gorgeous tattoo that is perfect for everyone who loves the sunny and happy look of sunflowers. A pink ribbon wraps around one flower to tie into the composition. 

 See more on Instagram: @trapinktattoos

Breast Cancer Survivor Tattoo with Pink Ribbon by Louise Flynn

Remind yourself that you ARE a survivor with a gorgeous spelled-out tattoo like this one. The "i" is replaced with a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness.

 See more on Instagram: @emoney_so_inky

Dove with Pink Ribbon Around Neck by Loorin

This beautiful piece created by Loorin features a dove in flight with a pink breast cancer ribbon circling its neck. 

See more on Instagram: @tattoosbyloorin

Pink Ribbon Wrapped Around Hairdresser Scissors Tattoo by Emily G.

A well-thought out and meaningful tribute to this client’s mum, this tattoo shows an elaborate pair of hairdresser scissors with a pink ribbon wrapped around the middle.

 See more on Instagram: @gild_the_lily_tattoo

Tribal Tattoo with Pink Ribbon by Burt

An intricate tribal band tattoo with a pink ribbon incorporated in. Truly awesome!

 See more on Instagram: @kiwi.burt

Which breast cancer tattoo was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!