Can I Wear a  Wig to the Gym?

Hair loss shouldn’t stop you from getting your exercise in at the gym. Whether your hair loss is due to a medical condition, cancer treatments, or just part of growing older, exercise is great way to de-stress, tone, and get healthy. Unfortunately, hair loss can leave a person feeling uncomfortable, vulnerable or unsure of their appearance. Wearing a wig adds a feeling of security and comfort by giving you the power to choose how people see you. However, wearing a wig to the gym does pose some problems. If you sweat, a wig can leave you feeling overheated and uncomfortable. Plus if your wig is not secured properly, you may pose the risk of your wig falling off during your workout. This begs the question: can I wear my wig to the gym? Is it ok to exercise in my wig? 

The answer: yes, you can wear your wig to the gym. However, there are a few things you should know about exercising in your wig. We’re here to give you the deets on how to wear a wig at the gym, what to look for in a gym wig, and what alternatives are available.

What is the Best Wig for Exercise?

If you love your wig, that’s all that matters. But is your wig gym-ready? Here’s a look at what features you should be looking for in a wig:

Save the Human Hair! Go For Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are a total must for your gym attire for three reasons: First and foremost, synthetic wigs are much cheaper than human hair. We’re talking hundreds to thousands of dollars cheaper. Because your wig may become sweaty and "gross" during exercise, you will probably prefer using a cheaper option in case the wig gets damaged. Second, synthetic hair is easier to care for. You don’t have to worry about how to get the original style back - Synthetic hair has a “memory” when it comes to its original style. Give it a wash and you’re good to go! Finally, synthetic hair is more lightweight in comparison to human hair wigs - This means less pressure of your scalp, less overheating, and an overall more comfortable workout. Click here to shop synthetic wigs.

Go Short

Long hair at the gym can be rough. After all, those with long biological locks are always pulling it up in a ponytail or braiding it - Basically anything to keep it out of their face. Going with a short wig will make it so much more comfortable, plus you’re looking at less weight due to less hair. Win/Win! Alternatively, tie your long wig up in a ponytail to keep it out of your way. Shop short wigs here.

  • The Classics Live On

If you’re in the market for an exercise wig, keep an eye out for one with an open or classic style cap. These wig caps contain wefting with hair attached. The wefts add ventilation, giving you a more airy, less sweaty feel. Click here to shop wigs with an open cap.

Work Up a Sweat in an Older Wig 

Have an older wig lying around? Toss it on before you hit the elliptical machine! Older wigs are great to keep around for when you know you’re going to work up a sweat because it doesn't really matter if they get accidentally damaged.


  If Only a Wig with a Headband Existed… Wait, it does!

Hair and security all in one. That’s the headband wig. The headband portion is made from fitted, yoga-pant material that keeps a firm hold and wicks away moisture. The headband attaches to open wefted hair for excellent comfort and breathability. These wigs are perfect for exercise! The Headband Wig is available in both a straight bob and curly beach waves variety!

Headband wigs to wear at the gym. Headband wigs to wear at the gym.

How to Make Your Wig More Comfortable and Secure For Exercise

How to make wigs secure and comfortable at the gym How to make wigs secure and comfortable at the gym


The next big step to consider before hitting the gym is making your wig more secure and comfy. After all, it would be the literal WORST to work out in a wig that leaves you feeling uncomfortable —or a wig that slips off while you're in the zone! Luckily, several options exist to give you a more comfortable fit. 


  • Start by simply adjusting the straps inside your wig cap to make sure your wig fits properly. Most wigs have interior adjustment straps that allow you to easily loosen or tighten your wig. 
  • We suggest a wearing a wig cap under your wig for added comfort. Wearing a wig cap, such as this cooling bamboo cap or this breathable cotton cap, will also absorb sweat and moisture to keep your wig cleaner. That way, you can just toss the wig cap in the washing machine and save yourself a shampooing! 
  • Wearing a gel band under your wig is another way to create a more secure fit. The gel band is super comfortable, stays cool, and grips onto your scalp and wig to hold your hairpiece securely in place. You can also use a Velour Wig Gripper instead to keep your wig secure and slip-free.
Cushion Band holds wigs securely during exercise Cushion Band holds wigs securely during exercise


While you may find some suggestions of using wig glue to hold your wig in place, we recommend avoiding this product if you’re planning on exercising in your wig. Many adhesives water soluble, meaning sweat could cause the adhesive to wear off. The sweat could also run down your face or coat parts of your wig, leaving you with a big, sticky mess on your hands. Furthermore, the glue prevents proper ventilation to the pores during exercise, which can give you acne and rashes.

 Wig Alternatives at The Gym

Don’t feel like wearing your wig today? No problem! It doesn’t matter what style you’re going for; there’s an alternate option out there for anyone and everyone.


Our first recommendation is going with the classic hat or bandana look. Stick with cotton and bamboo viscose fabrics to give you a more breathable fit and feel. Bamboo viscose is a stretchy fabric that feels cool against the head and looks just plain fab. Hats like our Madison Turban are great for exercising in because they're so breathable and comfortable against the scalp! Click here to shop headwear.

Another option is a ponytail headband. The ponytail headband is a headband with a ponytail attached to the back. It is designed to be paired with just about any baseball cap for a secure, sporty look. Another perk of the ponytail headband is the headband itself; it is composed of a similar material to yoga pants, which is soft, stretchy, and moisture wicking. Shop the Ponytail Headband here.

Wigs for exercise - The Ponytail Headband by Cardani Wigs for exercise - The Ponytail Headband by Cardani

One of the most enticing features of the gym is the ability to go in, do your workout, and jet. It’s surprising how many gym-goers do not notice anything outside of their own fitness regimen. Keeping this in mind, you may one day find the confidence to ditch your wig and show some scalp. Rock that bald look!

Rocking Bald Head at the gym instead of wearing a wig. Rocking Bald Head at the gym instead of wearing a wig.

You can totally wear a wig to the gym! But you also don’t have to. There are several aspects to look for in a gym-ready wig but for the days you feel like you would rather set a barn on fire than wear your wig to the gym, there are plenty of options available. Do you wear your wig to the gym? Have any tips to share? Tell us in the comments below! Shop our full selection of wigs here.