How to be there for Someone from a Distance

COVID-19 has forced older individuals, those with compromised immune systems, their caretakers, and many others into quarantine to help reduce the possibility of contracting the virus. This, unfortunately, has made it exceptionally difficult for those at high risk and their friends/families to see one another. This can be espeically true for loved ones who have been diagnosed with cancer and people going through a hard time in their lives. Over time, this can lead those who have little to no contact with others to feel lonely, isolated, and depressed.


As time passes, people are finding more and more ways to keep in contact with their loved ones and assist them at a distance. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best ideas for showing your family/friends you’re there for them without physically being there for them.


I’ll Be There For You

Next Meal’s on Me!

Home cooked macaroni and cheese meal Home cooked macaroni and cheese meal

Remember the days of dropping off a “feel better” lasagna or pie at a family member’s house? Another perk of living in the age of technology is the ability to have food delivered from wherever you want, almost whenever you want. Uber Eats and DoorDash (to name just a couple services) take the work out of meal prep and allow your loved ones favorite meal to be delivered right to their front door. 


Not only does this simple gesture show how much you care; You’re also giving them a night off from washing dishes. This is a total win-win situation! 

Send a Care Package

Receiving a care package out-of-the-blue can mean the world to someone feeling isolated. Include goodies they would like or general “pick-me-up” items such as paperback books, a gift card for online items such as ebooks/games, or even delicious chocolate chip cookies.


Want to make it extra special? Think up a specific theme and buy accordingly. Maybe the theme is “Comfort” and you include hot chocolate mix or tea, a mug, and a blanket. Or a “Self-Care” theme may include some face masks, lotion, and nail polish. Your options are endless! Here are a few of our favorite self care items! For cancer paients, chemo care packages are always a thoughtful and loving way to show your support. View our Care Package Guide for many more ideas! 

Send Something Silly

opening-funny-gift-laughing-with-kid opening-funny-gift-laughing-with-kid

Not all your gifts need to be practical. Instead, try sending something that will align well with their sense of humor. For example, keep an eye out for funny pictures, stories, or comics to text or email. Maybe consider having a gag gift or humorous book shipped to them. Seriously, how happy would you be to receive a smiling poop emoji pillow or a book filled with angry/adorable cats in the mail?

Schedule a Regular Call Time

woman-on-scheduled-phone-call-with-friend woman-on-scheduled-phone-call-with-friend

Studies have shown those who live alone tend to feel lonelier in the evenings. If you can, schedule a regular call time on specific days to touch base, see how they’re doing, or just see if they need anything. If your loved one is going though chemotherapy treatments, you may want to call or facetime during their treatments to provide moral support without actually being with them.

Binge a TV Show Together

woman-watching-tv woman-watching-tv

Do you have a complete and utter love of baking competitions? Is there someone in your family or friend’s circle who also shares your love of competitive baking? Then hop on the phone and hit the play button! Maybe even consider inviting other family members or friends to join you on a Zoom call. Now it’s a party!

Read a Book Together

read-book-on-phone read-book-on-phone

Just hearing a family member or friend’s voice can be a huge comfort. Instead of calling to just chit-chat, why not try reading a book aloud? You can choose to either take turns if you both have the same paperback/ebook. Since reading aloud is not everyone’s cup of tea, being the designated listener is great as well. You’ll find this a relaxing way to bond and just enjoy one another’s company at a distance.

Communicate the Old Fashioned Way

writing-letter-old-fashioned-way writing-letter-old-fashioned-way

With the holidays upon us, what better way to get the season started than by sending out Christmas cards? Letter writing is making a total comeback. Nothing beats the feeling of receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. Plus, if you send a letter, chances are high you’ll soon find yourself tearing open an envelope addressed to you.

To Sum Up...

Although COVID may have created physical distance between you and your loved ones, it doesn’t have to leave anyone feeling mentally or emotionally wanting. We sincerely hope this post has given you some great ideas for keeping in touch with your family and friends. 


What tips do you have for keeping in touch with your loved ones this holiday season? Tell us in the comments below!