3 Reasons You Should Wear Human Hair Blend Wigs (And 3 Reasons You Shouldn't!)

The world of wigs is usually divided into two groups - Team Synthetic Hair or Team Human Hair. No team is incorrect in their stance; It’s more a matter of one’s preference. After all, each style of wig has its own benefits and disadvantages.

Now, what if we told you a compromise existed between these two types of wigs? That’s right, human hair and synthetic blend wigs are totally a thing! A human hair blend wig consists of a percentage of human hair mixed with synthetic hair (normally heat friendly synthetic). This can give you the best of both worlds—unfortunately, it might also give the worst of both worlds. Now the real question arises: Are human hair and synthetic blend wigs worth investing in? We’ve compiled a list of the pros and cons of investing in human hair blend wigs.

What's Good About Human Hair Blend Wigs?

1. Human Hair Blend Wigs Hold Style Longer

While both Team Synthetic (in this case, heat friendly) and Team Human Hair know they can take their wig’s style from straight to curly and vice versa, it’s well accepted that synthetic hair experiences less issues holding a style. While human hair can still be styled fabulously, heat friendly synthetic fibers hold their shape once styled with heat for a super easy, locked-in look.

This is where a human hair/synthetic blended wig can make a huge difference. The mixture of human hair and heat friendly synthetic locks allow you to style hair using heat tools. While the human hair may still be prone to weather-related changes, the heat friendly synthetic locks help to secure the shape. This in turn allows your hairstyle to last longer than with human hair locks alone.

2. They are Lightweight & Comfortable

If you’ve ever gone from a human hair wig to a synthetic wig, it’s likely you noticed one major difference: The weight. When comparing a human hair wig and a synthetic wig of the same length, the synthetic wig will likely feel much lighter. This is due to the material used to create the synthetic locks. 

Another major perk of a human hair and synthetic blend wig is the weight. Because of the combined material, you will notice the wig feels lighter than a human hair wig due to the percentage of synthetic hair used. This can be a major perk if you’re frustrated with the overall weight of a human hair wig, and makes this type of wig a good option for hotter weather.

3. The Price is Right

You’ve most likely noticed the price difference between human hair and synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs are generally much MUCH more. For a good quality human hair wig, you’ll most likely spend anywhere from $800 to $3,000. Synthetic wigs, even heat friendly synthetic wigs, can start as low as $100 for a good quality product. 

With the human hair/synthetic blend wigs, you’ll notice a beautiful thing happening price-wise: A compromise. These types of wigs, while still pricier than synthetic wigs, cost less than most full human hair wigs. You can expect to pay in the price range of $400-$900 for human hair blend wigs. 

What's Bad About Human Hair Blend Wigs?

1. Synthetic Hair & Human Hair Have Different Lifespans

These two types of hair have different lifespans and age in different ways, which can leave your human hair blend wig looking and feeling less than ideal. With proper care, human hair wigs usually last about a year. Synthetic hair, especially heat friendly synthetic, will generally only last between 3-6 months, especially if worn everyday.  

Unfortunately, you will most likely notice wear on your synthetic strands before the human hair locks. A less luxurious, more dull look may creep up on the synthetic hair, especially if worn everyday. This will cause some noticeable contrast between the different strands. 

Additionally, one downside of the human hair wig is the possibility of experiencing color fade. Human hair is more prone to color fading due to washing or being over exposed to sunlight. With a blended wig, color fade occurring only on the human hair portion can look especially noticeable.

All and all, the inconsistencies between the two types of hair mean a human hair blend wig has a shorter lifespan than a full human hair wig.

2. Human Hair Reacts to Weather Changes

Weather affects more than just your day, mood, or overall wardrobe choices; It unfortunately also affects your hair. You’ve most likely noticed your biological locks can look a little crazy after a day in the humidity or encountering a rainstorm. Human hair wigs will do the same thing. With a human hair/synthetic blend wig, you may find the human hair a little difficult to handle and in need of more frequent styling than a standard heat friendly synthetic wig. This will wear down the heat friendly synthetic fibers faster, causing them to be more prone to matting and frizziness as well. 

3. More Difficult Maintenence

Because blended wigs are made from two different types of hair fibers, maintenance can be a bit more difficult and time consuming. These wig will need to be carefully cared for with proper shampoo, conditioner, and heat treatments in order to last and continue to look and feel lovely. Make sure to choose products that are designed to be used on both synthetic and human hair wigs. Click here to learn more about caring for your wig.

Human hair and synthetic blend wigs offer several benefits, including the weight, feel, and overall look of the wig. However, some people may find the addition of human hair involves more maintenance and the combination of synthetic and human locks creates a contrast, especially as the wig ages. 

If you’re in the market for a new wig, consider these points carefully before spending a ton of money on a human hair/synthetic blend wig. Have you ever worn a human hair synthetic blend wig? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!


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