5 Must Have Head Scarf Accessories

Wearing a head scarf can be a simple and beautiful way to cover a bald head. However, many women find their headscarves less than desirable because they can look flat on the head or they can slip and slide out of place. Wouldn't it be great to find simple, affordable, and attractive ways to make wearing your head scarf more appealing? Here are our picks for the top 5 head scarf accessories to solve your scarf wearing woes!


Scarf Pad 

Scarf pads are used to add volume under scarves and headwear to create a flattering fit. The scarf pad (pictured above) is made with 100% cotton terry cloth which helps to absorb moisture and allows you to wash your headwear less often. Scarf pads also help to keep your headwear in place and prevent slipping and sliding that could otherwise occur. If you're wearing a scarf or head wrap for the first time, it is safe to say that you will want to try a scarf pad!


Scarf Gripper


A scarf gripper can be used help keep your headscarf securely in place. This headband is made of ultra thin, flesh colored material, so that it will fit seamlessly underneath scarves of all shapes and sizes. It works great with scarves of any fabric type, from silk to cotton and everything in between. The scarf gripper is free of harsh seams, making it perfect for sensitive scalps because it won't itch or scratch. This is an easy, comfortable, and budget friendly way to ensure that you never have to worry about your scarf slipping off of your head.



Grip Band


The Grip Band is a wonderful option for scarf wearers who require even more stability underneath their scarves. This velvet velour band features scratch fasteners to ensure a secure, custom fit. The versatility of this band allows it to be worn under scarves of any type and it's light padding will also add a layer of light volume near the front of the forehead for a flattering look. Get more bang for your buck by wearing this accessory with your wigs and other headwear to keep them in place as well!



The Meridian Beanie


The Meridian Beanie is a beanie style hat that can be worn alone, or underneath scarves to create volume and height. It's made of a silky soft bamboo blend that contains moisture wicking properties to keep your head cool and comfortable even under a scarf. Light padding at the top creates additional volume to give your scarf a more flattering appearance. In addition to providing height, the Meridian Beanie can be worn with head scarves made of any material to help prevent slippage. It's luxurious feel and superior quality can't be beat!



Instant Hair Headband and Fringe Bangs


This pair of products can aid in making your headscarf look more realistic by giving the look of hair peeking out from underneath the scarf. The Instant Hair Headband uses hook and loop fasteners to securely attach fringe bangs to the headband, which can be easily worn underneath your scarf. Because the bangs are attached directly to the band and not to your headwear, you can wear it with multiple scarves and hats, giving you a fresh new look. Fringe bangs are a great option for women with hair loss who want to look like they still have hair, but don't like the look, feel, or cost of a full wig. In addition to securing the bangs, the Instant Hair Headband will also aid in keeping your scarf securely in place.


These are 5 of our favorite scarf accessories. Visit our Scarf Accessory Page for more great ways to wear your head scarf!