Top 12 Breast Cancer Memes

We all know that breast cancer is no laughing matter. It can be difficult to cope with both the physical symptoms of chemotherapy and the associated feelings of loss. But a wise woman once said, "I lost my boobs, not my sense of humor." Laughter is medicine. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (for those of you who missed it, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month), we have rounded up some of the funniest breast cancer memes we could find.

What is a meme? A meme is a humorous image, video or text that is rapidly spread and shared on the Internet. Disclaimer: If laughter isn't your medicine of choice, these memes may not be your cup of tea. We all cope in different ways with adversity; what is helpful to some may be the opposite to another.

Without further ado, here are our top 12 breast cancer memes.


Breast Cancer Meme #1:

Everybody's first thought on October 1st...

breast cancer memes: pink everything is coming

"Brace yourselves; bright pink everything is coming."


Breast Cancer Meme #2:

Everybody wears pink for breast cancer awareness, sometimes by accident.

Breast cancer memes: accidental breast cancer awareness

"Get to work realizing white shirt is pink from getting washed with reds; Get praised by boss for wearing pink for breast cancer awareness."



Breast Cancer Awareness Meme #3:

Even the NFL wears pink to spread awareness.

Breast cancer memes: NFL breast cancer awareness

"Congratulations to the NFL on bringing attention to breast cancer and away from grown men intentionally giving each other brain damage."



Breast Cancer Meme #4:

It's such a big deal that these turkeys are trying to ride the "Save the Ta-Tas" train into November. And that's saying something.

Breast cancer memes: save the tur turs

"I think I've finally come up with a good campaign!"

"Save the Tur-Turs!"

Cartoon by Kate Matthews



Breast Cancer Meme #5:

Yep, there sure is a lot of "awareness" going on in October.

Breast cancer meme consumer brand

"Breast cancer has been elevated to the most prestigious position in Western society... a consumer brand."



Breast Cancer Meme #6:

Meanwhile, women are out there kicking butt and taking names every month of the year.

breast cancer memes: cancer touched my boob

"Cancer touched my boob, so I kicked its a*s!"



Breast Cancer Meme #7:

Because breast cancer warriors are basically super heroes. 

Breast cancer memes: pink power ranger

"I wore pink for a whole month for a breast cancer project I did for school. My little cousin came up to me and whispered 'I know you're the pink power ranger' and zipped his lips as if to keep a secret."



Breast Cancer Meme #8:

We fight cancer like girls!

breast cancer memes: fight like a girl

"'You fight like a girl, mom.'"



Breast Cancer Meme #9:

And that's a good thing, because men aren't so tough.

Breast cancer memes: woman with cancer v man with flu

"Woman with Breast Cancer"

"Man with Flu"




Breast Cancer Meme #10:

Now we're rolling in Mardi Gras beads...

Breast cancer memes mardi gras

"Breast Cancer Surgery Follow Up..."

Doctor: "You're looking great! Remove your top so I can check how the incision is healing.

Patient: "Nuh-Uh"

Doctor: *SIGH* "Do we gave to do this EVERY time?"

Patient: "You know the rules."

Doctor: "This is so ridiculous... here."

Patient: "WOOOO!"



Breast Cancer Meme #11:

And, if we choose to get new breasts, they'll feel right at home!

Breast cancer memes: birds in a bra

"Betty & Mildred were very happy in their new two room apartment."



Breast Cancer Meme #12:

Just know that your friends, family, and all the blue-footed boobies are always cheering you on!

Breast Cancer Memes: Breast wishes from the blue footed boobies"Breast Wishes"

Cartoon by Lily Fluger at


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