Top 12 Cancer Memes

Whether you’re an Internet enthusiast or an occasional looky-loo, if you’ve scanned the world wide web at all, you've probably heard of memes... but what is a meme exactly?

Although memes seem like a modern Internet phenomenon, the term ‘meme’ (defined as a cultural way information spreads) has actually been around since the late 1970’s. Memes nowadays generally depict situations from our everyday life with a humorous twist and can be incredibly random. Although many people have come to know memes as images with the text on the top and bottom, memes can also be hashtags, photos, videos, and gifs.

Memes may seem silly,  but they can also be effective for reaching an audience, promoting your cause, or just sending good vibes into the world. When you are dealing with something as serious as cancer, a meme can help lighten the mood or just let you know that others share the same thoughts.

If you are searching for the best cancer memes, look no further! We have compiled the top 12 hair loss, chemo and cancer memes for you.

Without further adieu, here are our favorite chemo and cancer memes to uplift, inspire, and give you a good laugh!


1. The thought on everybody's mind...

Chemo? How about chem-no grumpy cat meme"Chemo? How about Chem-no."


2. The chemo brain struggle is real.

I knew that chemo brain meme"I knew that..." [chemo brain]


3. Life hack: no hair=no lice. 

The timing for this couldn't be better hair loss meme"Wow! The timing couldn't be better!"

Cartoon by Kate Matthews


4. I guess villains are villains for a reason... 

But I don't want to cure cancer spiderman dinosaur memeSpiderman: You can rewrite DNA on the fly and you're using it to turn people into dinosaurs? But with tech like that, you could cure cancer!

Pterodactyl: But I don't want to cure cancer. I want to turn people into dinosaurs.


5. When the chemo brain hits.

I have forgotten how to do everything dog chemo brain meme"I have forgotten how to do everything."


6. A very valid point (that also applies to weight loss!)

If they want me to lose weight, why do they prescribe meds that make me fat? Cancer memeDoctor: Uh oh! You're up 5 lbs.

Patient internally: If they want me to be thin, why do they prescribe meds that make me fat?!?!

Cartoon by Kate Matthews


7. You only have 2!

If We Can You Can cat mammogram cancer meme"If WE can, YOU can! Get your mammogram done. U onlee gots 2!"


8. Let's take this chemo cocktail to the next level.

Do you want tequila with that chemo cocktail?"Can you add some tequila to that?"



9. Bad guy Superman

Bad Guy Superman cancer meme"Could be giving free X-rays to identify cancer... Instead constantly has to cover us his lies about his identity."



10. A possibility we never considered before...


What if all these like if you hate cancer statuses are just cancer trying to find out its enemies? "What if all these like if you hate cancer statuses are just cancer trying to find out its enemies?"


11. Kemo-therapy.

Kemo Sabe Chemo Meme

Tonto: Kemo sabe.

The Lone Ranger: No, no... chemo.


12. Get wiggy with it.

dis wig is stoopid, I am meowzerable cancer meme

When your wig starts to get itchy: "Dis wig is stoopid. I am meowzerable."

P.S.... If your wig is itchy, try wearing a Bamboo Wig Cap underneath.



Create Your Own Memes

Have a relatable thought to share? Try using a meme generator to make your own memes!

Here are a couple things to consider when you make memes:

  • Will this make sense to others?
  • What kind of message are you trying to convey? Are you trying to be funny? Deep? Maybe both?
  • What kind of reaction are you looking for?
  • Are you trying to spread awareness? Promote a cause? Or just make someone smile?
  • To make memes with the pictures you may see online, you can find meme generators everywhere through Google. However, tapping into your creative side is always another option: Choose a photo of your own and add text to it. You can do these on many apps or meme generators, or through Photoshop/Paint if you possess the know-how.
  • Now that you have the tools, lets see what you can do. Spread the positivity around or just share what’s going on in your life. Most importantly, just get those creative juices flowing!


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