8 Ways to Make Your Synthetic Wig Last

Whether you just received your first wig or consider yourself a wig connoisseur, you’ve most likely experienced the uncertainty that comes with selecting a new wig. Once you find just the right one, you want nothing more than to keep your wig looking like it’s fresh out of the box.  


For the wig experienced and newcomers alike, some of the most popular wigs to invest in are the synthetic or heat-friendly synthetic options. Synthetic wigs boast an incredibly realistic appearance and do not require as much maintenance as human hair wigs. With proper care, synthetic wigs will generally last between 4-6 months if worn daily. But what if your wig could last beyond the 6 months and still look as vibrant as ever? We’ve included the following tips that could easily help preserve the sparkle, bounce, and overall “oomph” of your wig.

1. Don’t Wash Your Wig Too Much

Woman caring for synthetic hair to make it last. Woman caring for synthetic hair to make it last.

Overwashing a synthetic wig is a common mistake but could be detrimental in the long-run. While you may be used to a hair routine with your biological locks, synthetic wigs require much less maintenance. 


Synthetic wigs only need to be washed about every 8 to 10 wears. Some factors may extend or reduce this timeframe, such how often you wear the wig, if you live in a humid climate, or if you have used products on your wig. 


A good rule of thumb to tell when your wig needs washed is to check if your wig feels crunchy/stiff or if there is a build up of oils along the hairline. Learn how to properly wash your synthetic wig here.

2. Use the Correct Tools and Products

Making synthetic wig last - wig care essential set. Making synthetic wig last - wig care essential set.

Synthetic wigs require only specific shampoos, containers, and styling products be used on them. Deviating from these specially designed products can cause a ton of issues, including causing your wig to dry out or permanently damaging the wig cap.


Another absolute must in caring for your wig is to only use combs and hair brushes designed specifically for synthetic wigs. Using other style tools on your hair could tear the hairs out of the wig cap or completely damage the strands. Try our Wig Care Set: The Essentials that includes everything you'll need! Shop wig care products here.

3. Limit the Amount of Heat Used on Your Heat Friendly Wig

Synthetic wig lasting - using less heat. Synthetic wig lasting - using less heat.

If your wig is made from standard synthetic hair, do NOT use heat tools on your wig, as it can melt the hair. Heat friendly wigs, on the other hand, are a different story. Heat-friendly wigs are one of the coolest recent advancements that have been made in the synthetic wig world. While the ability to add curls, waves, or even straighten your hair does sound fabulous in theory, applying excessive heat to your hair can cause issues in the long-term. Over time the heat-friendly components do break down and your curling iron or hair straightener could easily turn into your worst enemies.


To ensure this does not occur, limit the amount of days you use heat tools on your wig and be sure you’re only applying heat at the recommended temperature (normally about 350 degrees but this may vary based on the wig).

4. Properly Store Your Wig

Proper wig storage is essential to keeping your wig in tip top shape. Start by investing in a wig stand to hold your wig. Place the wig stand in a location that is both out of direct sunlight and not damp or humid(such as a bathroom). Both of these factors can wreak havoc on the longevity of your wig. Our favorites are the Collapsible Metal Wig Stand or a Black Portable Wig Stand!

5. Avoid Wearing Your Wig to the Gym or Overnight

Wearing your wig to the gym or overnight is never a good idea. Sure, initially the convenience of stopping by the gym on the way home from work while still wearing your wig may seem just fine; However, over time the wear and tear will begin to show through. If you get too sweaty while working out, your sweat and oils can cause damage to both the wig cap and the synthetic hairs. Instead, consider switching to a turban or beanie while working out. Alternatively, the ponytail headband can be a great option for active days.  Read more about exercising in a wig here.


Believe it or not, wearing your wig to bed is actually worse for your wig than the gym. During the night, your body works to repair itself by shedding dead skin and producing more oils. Sweating overnight is also common among many people. Both these factors combined will not only clog your pores but cause oil build up in your wig. To top it all off, as you toss and turn throughout the night the friction of your hair rubbing against the pillow can cause hair breakage and tangles. Instead, stick to sleep caps and silk pillowcases.

6. Invest in a Back-up Wig or Wig Alternative

Fortunately, in this case two wigs do not necessarily equal twice the work. In fact, two wigs can actually equal much less work! Having a back-up wig is a great way to keep your main wig looking fantastic while still feeling comfortable going about your day.

Some affordable, long-lasting options are hair halos and detachable bangs. These easy hair pieces can be worn under a hat or scarf to give you the look of a wig without using your main wig. You may also look into hats with hair attached, and headband wigs for casual outings. Shop hair for hats here

7. Take Care of Your Scalp

Woman taking care of scalp to make synthetic wig last longer. Woman taking care of scalp to make synthetic wig last longer.

Scalp care plays an extreme part in keeping your wig from absorbing too many oils. Throughout the day, our pores can become clogged with excess oils, dead skin cells, and dirt, along with other impurities. While in the shower, be sure to wash your scalp with a gentle or mild shampoo such as Alra to clean out your pores. Shop gentle shampoo here.

7. Wear a Wig Cap

Wig caps help to keep your wig clean for a longer period of time. Instead of oils and dead skin getting into your wig, they will get into your wig cap instead. This means you can go a longer time without washing your wig and putting stress on the hair. Wig caps are much easier to wash than wigs, and much cheaper to replace! Shop wig caps here

To Sum Up...

Doing these simple steps can help keep your wig looking chic and feeling fresh long past the general life-span. Have any tips you would like to add? Tell us in the comments section below! Shop a full selection of synthetic wig styles here.