How Woodblock Scarves Are Made

Woodblock head scarves have been a part of our collection for years. Everyone loves their comfort and style, but most don't realize just how unique they really are. Here's the story behind these unique works of art and why you should love them even more!

How Woodblock Scarves Are Made

Woodblock scarves are hand made using ancient printing techniques passed down from generation to generation.

Woodblock printing originated in China over 2200 years ago, making it a truly ancient art form. Our woodblock scarves are hand made in India using traditional techniques that are passed on from parent to child. There are a lot of steps that go into the process of crafting these scarves, and it's truly amazing.

If you were wondering why they're called woodblock scarves, it's because the design was literally created using teak wood blocks.

[caption id="attachment_74647" align="alignnone" width="1000"]How woodblock headscarves are made These wood blocks were used to create some of our scarf designs. They are created in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.[/caption]

Step 1: Creating woodblocks

Carvers individually craft each block by hand. The must create the blocks very carefully in order to make a clean, seamless pattern. Different parts of the design require different blocks. For example, the printer must use different blocks for the border and center of the scarf.   As designs become more complicated and colorful, the block master must make more blocks to complete the design. To create a single design, the block master must make between 5-15 different stamps.

[caption id="attachment_74648" align="alignnone" width="759"]How woodblock headscarves are made There are different wood blocks used to create designs on the border and center of the same scarf.[/caption]

Different colors of the scarf are also printed with different blocks. The carver may create the same design design in both "positive" and "negative" variations to allow the printer to apply different colors.

[caption id="attachment_74652" align="alignnone" width="759"]How woodblock headscarves are made Both "positive" and "negative" carvings were used to create the color variation in this print.[/caption]

Step 2: Creating dye

Next, a color master hand crafts dyes to create the perfect colors. All of the colors on our scarves are expertly coordinated by designer Danielle Yates to create a beautiful, versatile, complimentary, and flattering palette.

Step 3: Printing

Finally, a master printer creates the print by applying dye to the blocks and carefully stamping the fabric. To create 3 meters of fabric, the printer will hand stamp the fabric 700-1000 times. After 100 meters, the woodblocks wear out and can no longer create a clean stamp. They are then re-carved by the block master.


More reasons to love woodblock scarves:

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Woodblock scarves are one of a kind

Because they're completely handmade, no two woodblock scarves are exactly the same. Each scarf has its own imperfections, quirks, and variations that come from being carefully hand crafted. Every individually made scarf is special and unique with its own subtle personality.

They're versatile

On the head or around the neck, there are so many different ways to tie and wear these beautiful scarves. Learn how to tie a headscarf here!

They're high quality

Made from 100% cotton voile, these scarves are soft and durable. Bonus: they become even more soft and comfy with wear.


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