Does Wearing a Hat Make Me Look Bald?

Maybe your wig irritates your head. Maybe you're having a bad hair day, or just want to add something to your outfit. There are a lot of reasons to wear hats...and there's also a reason why some hesitate to wear them: the belief that wearing a hat will make them look bald.

This is a concern that our grandparents did not have. In the past, everyone wore hats. From the elaborate caps, bonnets, and top hats of the Victorian era to the cloches, newsboys, and fedoras of the 1920s, the hats of the past were both fashionable and functional accessories, beloved by all.


However, as the years went by and we began to spend more and more time indoors, hats became less and less common.

Because we see hats less often today, some men and women worry that others will think their hat is purely functional. They don't feel confident when wearing caps as fashion accessories because they fear that people might think the “function” of their hat is to cover up hair loss.

But hats are still as fashionable as ever. Stylish caps can be spotted in magazines atop the heads of Beyonce, Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Taylor Swift, Kate Middleton, Gwen Stefani, Johnny Depp and many more. And no one looks at their hats and wonders if they're bald.


These celebs have one thing in common: confidence! No matter what they wear, their confidence shines through. That's the simple secret to wearing hats.

If appearing bald while wearing a hat is something that concerns you, here are some tips to make you feel more confident.


Show a little hair

Fact: you won't look bald if you have hair. If you already have hair, simply pull a little bit out from under the hat, or style the hat to make your hair visible. If you don't have hair, try wearing accessory hair underneath your hat, like removable bangs or a hair halo. Accessory hair is a realistic and comfortable alternative to wearing a wig that is sure to give you some extra confidence.


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Choose a hat that adds volume

Hats with some extra volume give the look of hair tucked underneath and create a flattering, stylish look. Slouchy beanies and newsboy caps are great options.


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Make a statement

After, hats ARE fashion accessories! Show that you're wearing a hat to add to your style. Pair it with statement earrings, pick a bold color, or add a pendant or headband to make your head cover the star of the show.


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Choose popular styles

Styles with a slouchy fit and fedora hats are especially popular among celebrities.


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We hope these tips help you to be confident and comfortable in your caps. So what are you waiting for? Rock that topper!

What type of hat is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

* Model in featured image is wearing our Buckle Newsboy Hat with our Cardani Medium Hair Halo.