What are Chemo Caps?

For many women and men, hair loss is one of the most scarring parts of cancer treatment. For these people, adding a little extra comfort and happiness into their lives can help them feel more like themselves. This is where chemo caps come in. Chemo caps can be the driving force behind helping reignite a person’s confidence level and keeping a chilly scalp stay warm and comfy.

What is a Chemo Cap?

A chemo cap is exactly what is sounds like: a hat designed to be worn by those with hair loss due to chemotherapy. These hats are specifically created and crafted with the needs of cancer patients in mind. This involves elements such as fit, fabric, and overall comfort on bald heads.

What Makes the Perfect Chemo Cap

What makes the perfect chemo cap? What makes the perfect chemo cap?

With so many caps available on the market, it can be hard to pin down the best hat for chemo. When shopping for chemo caps, keep these 4 things in mind: 

1. The Fit

This is one of the most important things to consider when searching for a chemo cap. Most people want a chemo cap that provides full head coverage. This means that the hat is deep enough to cover the entire hair line and the nape of the neck to conceal all hair loss. This creates a secure, comfortable fit. 

2. The Materials

Hats come in a variety of materials, and not all are created equally. When undergoing cancer treatments, your scalp may become very dry and sensitive, making soft, soothing fabric a must. It is also a good idea to search for hats made of easy-to-care-for fabrics, such as cotton and bamboo. 

3. The Seams

One often overlooked feature of hat is the seams. The inside of a good chemo cap has minimal, gentle seams to provide the most comfortable fit possible. If a hat has rough seams, they will irritate and scratch the scalp, making wear uncomfortable.

4. Fashionable

A chemo cap should more than comfortable; it should make you feel confident and empowered. Look for a chemo cap that speaks to you. Choose a hat in your favorite color, or pick something with a fun and unique embellishment. With so many choices available, you'll find a cute hat that you can wear even after your hair grows back! Learn how to find the most flattering color for you here.

Where to Find Good Chemo Caps

Find chemo caps at Headcovers.com Find chemo caps at Headcovers.com


The best place to find chemo caps is online! No matter where you are located, specialty boutiques online can ship chemo caps to you. This allows you to find exactly what you are looking for from the comfort of your own home. Check out Headcovers.com to find the best, biggest selection of hats and headwear for chemotherapy.

In Stores

You can sometimes find chemo caps in wig shops and specialty boutiques in your area. You may also find hats that can be used as chemo caps in department stores, and even super markets. Unfortunately, it is often hard to locate high quality chemo headwear near you. That's why we suggest searching primarily online.

The 5 Best Chemo Caps

There are so many chemo caps available—these are just a few of our favorites! These premium picks are super soft, comfortable, and flattering on everyone.

This 100% organic cotton beanie cap features a fashion-forward slouchy top. Bonus: this casual style is made in the USA!

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Best Chemo Cap - Slouchy Snood Beanie Hat Best Chemo Cap - Slouchy Snood Beanie Hat

This cute cotton turban is three hats in one. Wear the gathered detail to the front, back, or side for three distinct looks.

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Best hats for chemo - Cotton Trinity turban Best hats for chemo - Cotton Trinity turban

This basic beanie is 100% organic cotton, and it's a perfect option for both men and women.

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The comfort cap is made from soft-as-silk bamboo viscose fabric. You'll love how smooth and comfy this cap feels on your head. Wear it as both a sleep and a day cap!

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Best chemo hats for women - silky bamboo comfort cap Best chemo hats for women - silky bamboo comfort cap

The Slip On Slinky Headwrap Cap is an easy and elegant option. It gives the look of a scarf without any tying required. This cap is available in tons of prints on soft, stretchy fabrics.

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Slip On Chemo Headwrap for Women Slip On Chemo Headwrap for Women