Can You Wear a Hat with a Wig?

As early as twenty years ago, the mere thought of wearing a hat over a wig was unheard of. Scarves over wigs? Sure! But a hat? Nope. This was mostly due to the weight a hat can add, leaving the wearer feeling as though their wig isn’t secured.


But times are a-changin’ and so have wigs. Years of improvements have lead to the development of more solid wig construction and an exceptionally natural appearance. In other words, you can wear a hat with your wig, and there are plenty of reasons why you should!

Why Wear a Hat with a Wig?

Wearing a hat over your wig can be beneficial for several reasons: 


1. Sun Protection

When the sun is high in the sky, wearing a sun hat (especially a UPF sun hat!) is a must for protecting your skin from harmful UV radiation. The hat will also protect the wig itself from fading during prolonged sun exposure. Learn more about protecting your skin from the sun here.


2. Extra Warmth

Feeling chilly? If you live in a cooler climate, a wig alone might not be enough to keep your head warm in winter! Pairing your wig with a knit cap or fleece beanie is a great way to stay cozy during the snowy season!


3. Cooking Protection

Cooking can be very harmful to wigs. The heat from the oven and steamy stove tops can literally melt your synthetic hair, and all those smells from food and seasonings can seep into your wig. To protect your hairpiece from an unhappy fate, wear a slouchy beanie over your wig while you're cooking. You wouldn't take a dish out the oven without a mitt, and you shouldn't get cooking without tucking in your synthetic locks! Read more about cooking in wigs here.


4. Style Points

Hats are stylish and cool! Do you really need another reason to wear them?

How to Wear a Hat With a Wig

Feeling comfortable and confident when you wear hats with wigs starts with security! Hats can add extra weight to the head, and your hat or wig may feel a bit unstable. Don't worry; this is easy to fix! Check out these tips: 


Secure Your Wig  

Take measures to ensure your wig fits snuggly against your scalp before placing a hat on. Adjust the inner tabs, use a wig band, wig headband, or wig cap to keep your wig attached to your scalp. We recommend using a cushion band or velour wig gripper for extra security!

Secure Your Hat

If your hat feels stable enough, you can just slip it on and go! If it feels a little wobbly, use bobby pins to ensure your hat isn’t going anywhere. Now you’re ready to conquer the world.

Choosing a Hat to Wear with Your Wig

cardani bow tie sun hat cardani bow tie sun hat
Bow Tie Sun Hat | Cardani Sun Protection UPF 50+
cardani slouchy snood hat cardani slouchy snood hat
Slouchy Snood Hat
cardani logan hat cardani logan hat
Logan Hat | Newsboy Cadet Cap


Finding a flattering hat style is actually pretty simple. Start by taking into account your face shape and length of your wig. You can read more about why these factors are important in our How to Wear a Hat tips and advice page. Also, try on hats you may not have considered - You never know when you’ll find a new fave. Below are a few other tips to help guide you through your journey.



Slouchy Hats Are Where It’s At


Slouchy hats are totally on trend right now. Snoods, sun hats, newsboys, anything slouchy is extremely complimentary for wig wearers as it adds extra room and does not squish your hair against your scalp. 



Size Up on Your Hat

Many swank, sophisticated looking hats do not offer as much give as you might find with snoods or beanies. Winter hats, especially those made of wool, are total culprits when it comes to providing no extra space. To ensure these types of hats will fit over your wig, we definitely recommend going up a hat size. 


Hats to Pass On

 Some hats are just not meant to be worn with wigs. As your search continues, you’ll figure out which hat and wig combos just won’t do. Here are a couple “no-go”


Too Tight = Not Right!

Wearing a hat that’s too tight against your scalp is bad enough. Now add a wig into this equation. Does it make you sick just thinking about the discomfort? We totally get it. On top of being uncomfortable, it can become extremely obvious you’re wearing a wig. Try wearing more flowy, light, or brimmed hats to keep your look fresh and natural. 


Check the Weather

If you’re no stranger to wigs, you know it can get pretty hot inside that wig cap. The last thing you want to do is prepare for a day of combined wig and hat wear without planning out the most appropriate hat. For instance, if you awaken to a chilly morning, you may decide your new wool cloche is the perfect hat for this wintry morning. But once the sun comes out and the temperature warms up, you’re in for a world of hurt.


alternative hat with wig deluxe comfort grip tapered halo alternative hat with wig deluxe comfort grip tapered halo
Cardani Deluxe Comfort Grip Hair Halo | Tapered Halo
cardani long baseball hat with hair cardani long baseball hat with hair
Cardani Long Baseball Cap with Hair
alternative hat with a wig cardani human hair bangs alternative hat with a wig cardani human hair bangs
Cardani Human Hair Bangs
cardani ponytail headband for hats cardani ponytail headband for hats
Ponytail Headband for Hats - Baseball Cap with Hair by Cardani


Sometimes a full wig isn’t always the answer. This becomes especially apparent during the summer months when pairing wigs and hats can leave you sweltering. Instead of dealing with overheating, try these wig alternatives for a look that’s just as fashionable. 


  • Hair Halos - These are a fabulous alternative to full wigs. Halos consist of hair on the sides and back with elastic straps running across the top. Halos are specifically designed to be worn with hats and add the appearance of hair underneath. Plus, halos give you the ability to mix and match different hat styles. While these fantastic items are perfect for any season, you’re sure to find halos especially comfortable during the summer months when the heat makes the climb from stifling to scorching.
  • Hats with Hair - You read that right: This hat comes with hair attached. Normally available as a baseball cap, hats with hair have the hair sewn into the inside of the cap, keeping your hair secure and stable. 
  • Attachable Bangs - Sometimes just a hint of hair is all you need. This is where attachable bangs make their entrance. These bangs attach to the inside of any hat (usually with velcro) and can normally be removed if need be. The bangs are usually available in synthetic or human hair. 
  • Ponytail Headband - Your ideal ball cap accessory is here! The Ponytail Headband is specifically meant to be worn with a baseball cap. The headband is extremely comfortable and even offers removable side hair tendrils for an extra realistic appearance. 

Although it may take some getting used to, wearing a hat with your wig could become another step to making you feel more confident. Do you have any other tips for wearing hats with wigs? Tell us in the comments section below!